Tiny Little Things: The Quiet Details That Count

Sep 23, 2021
10:00 am

Keynote Presentation

Sponsored by VERANDA and Thibaut


Does great design need to look like it’s changing the world? Or are today’s most noteworthy ideas unseen on, say, Instagram? Join Charlotte architect Ken Pursley, New York interior designer Ashley Whittaker, and Atlanta architect Yong Pak, with VERANDA executive editor Ellen McGauley, for a timely discussion on what matters today, from prime livability to the sound old wood makes when you walk on it.

ADAC Presentation Room | First Floor Atrium


Following the presentation, Thibaut is hosting a reception and book signing in honor of Ellen McGauley and the panelists. Stock up on signed copies of Ken Pursley’s Finding Home and Ashley Whittaker’s The Well-Loved House.

Thibaut | Suite 140