Mar 1—2, 2021
2:00 pm—5:00 pm

Presented by Design Influencers Conference and Esteem Media


The luxury design industry’s influencer marketing, creator, and social media community will have the chance to connect, get timely information on the pandemic’s lasting impact on building influence for business outcomes, and instigate collaborations between brands and design professionals.  That is what Design Influencers CONNECT 2021 produced by the organizers of the Design Influencers Conference is all about.


DIConnect offers free registration for design pros, brands/showrooms/market centers/media in the luxury home design industry.  This new digital version is the online broadcast series built with the same ROI delivery that attendees who come to our live events want to learn and achieve. Launching in this upside-down year of 2021 led us to divide the monthly sessions into three different content wells which cover:


March 1-2: Pandemic-Driven Change

April 5-6: You and Your Brand

May 3-4:  Skills and Platforms


Join us and participate in the lasting benefits of being part of a founding community of something special added to the luxury design industry’s landscape and calendar. On March 1, Adam Japko and Corey Padveen will deliver the two main stage talks during the kick-off March broadcast.


On March 2,  Monogram,  Crypton, Universal, and Jaipur Living, currently among the premier presenting Sponsors, will introduce their influencer programs and discuss their brand style to design influencers in hopes of future collaborations with influencers from the DIC audience.