Nov. 10, 2017

Great Designers, Great Friends Keynote

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Presented by Southern Style Now™ Festival
Sponsored by ADAC & Schumacher

As part of the 2017 Southern Style Now™ Festival Michelle Nussbaumer and Mary McDonald—two of the nation’s most charming, gifted, and colorful designers—come together in Savannah with moderator, Dara Caponigro, to discuss their friendship and the vital role of friendship in design. Let's face it, when you have the right friends, they can serve as an endless font of inspiration, education, and, of course, compassion. They’re your hotline—who you call when a project takes a turn for the worse. They're the people who save you when you're in a jam and the people who often offer you the greatest source of inspiration! Michelle and Mary invite us into their friendship, and remind us of the important things in life.

Savannah, Georgia