Oct. 17-18, 2017

Color Mastery for Design and Decorating Pros

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Unlock the secrets of color and capture new clients. This two-day interactive and information packed course builds upon professional design experience, forming a solid foundation of color expertise.

Course topics include mastering the art of combining colors and creating schemes; learning how people react to color and why; uncovering the secrets to infusing emotion into design with color; discovering the color clients really want and coloring your future successfully by becoming the 'go-to' color authority in your area.

Up Your Success as a Color Pro with These 3 Courses in two days!
Course 1: Color Pros – Start Here
Course 2: Color For Design and Decorating Pros
Course 3: Color Psychology, Symbolism, and Meaning

$399.00 for the color certification program

ADAC Presentation Room, First Floor Atrium


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