Aug. 24, 2017

Interior Perspectives: A Tour of Personal Style at Home with Carter Kay and Nancy Hooff

10:00 AM – NOON

Sponsored by Modern Luxury Interiors & Fashion Group International

Many designers uncover essential elements about a client’s personal style by studying the way they dress; elements that can be used to design personal spaces that fit them perfectly. Carter Kay and Nancy Hooff, the creative minds from Carter Kay Interiors, are teaming up with their favorite fashion stylist, Allie Hendee of a.hendee LLC, to create looks for guest models in four fabulous showrooms. On this interactive tour unlike any you’ve been on before, Carter and Nancy will demonstrate their process for pulling a room together by using each “model” as a living mood board. This promises to be a fun and informative look at how to use a client’s personal fashion style as the muse for designing tailored spaces in their home.

• ROMO | Suite 101
• Jim Thompson | Suite 304
• R HUGHES | Suite 320
• Travis & Company | Suite 128

ADAC Main Registration Desk, Third Floor

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