Jun. 15, 2017

INTERIOR PERSPECTIVES: A Tour of Design Landscapes with Beth Webb and Jeff Dungan

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Homes that feel most timeless are the ones that thoughtfully respond to their surroundings. The award-winning duo of architect, Jeff Dungan of Jeffrey Dungan Architects in Birmingham, Alabama and Interior Designer, Beth Webb of Beth Webb Interiors in Atlanta, Georgia, have worked together on numerous projects that respond to their environments with seemingly effortless execution. Whether situated in the city or country, coasts or mountains, their designs take on a philosophical and, yes, poetic approach which results in undeniably memorable spaces. ADAC is delighted to invite you on a two-hour progressive luncheon tour where you have the opportunity to learn how interior designers and architects can work in concert to create spaces that perfectly embody their surroundings.

Showroom hosts include: Jerry Pair (City), Travis & Company (Country), Grizzel & Mann (Coastal), and Holland & Company (Mountain).

ADAC Main Registration Desk, Third Floor

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