ADAC: Behind the Windows

spring 2014

John Oetgen | Oetgen Design, Inc.


An active member of the Atlanta community, John Oetgen, the Spring 2014 ADAC: The Experience designer, is a seasoned interior designer with accolades from the most prestigious organizations, charities, brands and publications.

June Chamberlain, Allied ASID, and
Charlie Powers | Chamberlain Interiors


With projects spanning the Southeast and even Turks and Caicos, June Chamberlain is an award-winning interior designer with over twenty years of experience in the industry.

Teri Duffy, Charles Novitsky, and
Ashley Pendleton | T. Duffy & Associates


With over 30 years of high-end residential design experience, Teri Duffy has been consistently recognized for her exceptional design ideas and creativity that goes beyond the borders.

Gretchen G. Edwards and Trente Ashton | Gilstrap Edwards Interior Design


Known for her unique expertise in lakefront home design, Gretchen Gilstrap Edwards has been featured in many national publications and prides herself on her passion for design and industry experience.

Landy Gardner, Phillip Suits, and
Dionne Gardner Dismuke | Landy Gardner Interiors


Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Landy Gardner’s designs can be found all across the United States and feature a blend of comfort and familiarity with fresh and untried elements.

Courtney Giles Decker and Kate Carey | Courtney Giles Interiors


Creating clean, classic and comfortable settings, Courtney Giles Interiors enjoys incorporating the stylistic preferences and personalities of her clients into their high-end residential design projects.

Michael Habachy | Habachy Designs Inc.


Creating inviting and luxurious interiors for both commercial and residential clients, Michael Habacy is an Atlanta-based interior and furniture designer known for his work with upscale boutiques and glamorous residences.

Smith Hanes and Win Collier | Smith Hanes Studio


From restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, art galleries and homes, Smith Hanes Studio is an authority in designing spaces where people live, entertain themselves and experience life.

Janie Hirsch, ASID | J. Hirsch Interior Design, LLC


Exemplifying an eclectic combination of classic furnishings and antiques, Janie Hirsch developed her career in Louisiana and New York City before making Atlanta her home.

Margaret Kirkland and Emily Painter | Margaret Kirkland Interiors


Frequently described as a ‘designer to watch’ in the industry, Margaret Kirkland’s experience and traditionalist style provides elegant and timeless designs for her clients both near and abroad.

Bill Musso and Todd Falconbury | Musso Design Group


A Parsons School of Design graduate, Bill Musso spent a decade building his career in New York and London before opening his Atlanta office where he is known for bringing New York sensibility to Southern homes.

Maria McLaurin Nutt and Clay McLaurin | McLaurin Interiors and Clay McLaurin Studio

321 and

A Home of the Year winner by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Maria McLaurin Nutt is known for creating calming and peaceful expression in her designs. Frequently published, Clay McLaurin owns an Atlanta-based textile company with partner Todd Piercy.

Liz WIlliams | Liz Williams Interiors


Specializing in classic residential living spaces across the southeast and New York, Liz Williams’ work has been published in various magazines since its founding in 1998.